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N7 FemShep Armor Shoes

So after a good few months of not posting, I have finally posted pictures of these shoes. At this point they’re a little worn, I regret not taking pictures while they were still ‘fresh’. I guess you could say they’re battle-worn :P

Anyway, these are the first shoes I ever painted! I used acrylic mixed with fabric medium and then heated them with a blow dryer a few days later and it actually holds very well—no paint chipping going on at all. I wore them to PAX Prime and was complimented by one of the ladies working the Mass Effect 3 booth. She even took pictures of them!

I hope to paint more shoes in the future~

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    So remember the time I painted N7 shoes? Well I want to paint shoes again, but I don’t know what theme to have. Should...
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    ay no!!! yo las quiero CTM!!! :(
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    Someone get an Etsy, start mass producing these, you’ll make an effing fortune.
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