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A blog dedicated exclusively to Mass Effect's FemShep. Feel free to submit anything FemShep related: screenies, graphics, fan fiction, headcanons, modding help, etc. Blog owners (current & past) are listed below.
fyeah femshep!

I still have nightmares about that day, you know.

I’ll sleep when I’m dead.

Before the devil knows you’re dead // A Shakarian fanmix
Hospital Beds | Florence and the Machine
Lose Your Soul | Dead Man’s Bones
The Lion the Beast and the Beat | Grace Potter & the Nocturnals
Can’t Play Dead | The Heavy
Kill of the Night | Gin Wigmore
Shooting Arrows at the Sky | Santigold
Dark Doo Wop | MSMR
Setting Scalpels Free | Asaf Avidan
Shephard’s Tango | Sam Hulick
Taro | alt-J
Wonder | Soap&Skin
We Fought as a United Galaxy | Sam Hulick
Blood on my Name | Nicholas Kirk
Bottom of the River | Delta Rae
Ghost Lights | Woodkid
Infiltrado | Bajofondo

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(Cover art by Jorge Jacinto)