"You have two ways down, express or coach."
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A blog dedicated exclusively to Mass Effect's FemShep. Feel free to submit anything FemShep related: screenies, graphics, fan fiction, headcanons, modding help, etc. Blog owners (current & past) are listed below.
fyeah femshep!

she’s looking into hell, and i’m too afraid to join her

Shep either got into a fistfight, or walked into a door. probably the door, knowing her. 


A mostly instrumental fanmix for Astrid E. Shepard:

Outro M83 | A Real Hero College ft. Electric Youth | Spectre Induction Richard Jacques, Jack Wall & Sam Hulick | The 16th Hour Deadmau5 | Canceling the Apocalypse Ramin Djawadi | StarWaves M83, Anthony Gonzales & Joseph Trapanese | Electronaut VNV Nation | Personal Jesus Depeche Mode | M4, Pt. II Faunts



Jane Shepard by kate-niemczyk

couple of fucking losers on shore leave